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HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness road trip

September 27, 2012

Prepped with CarLashes, our cars are ready to go at KIA headquarters – Anne Proffit photo

I just couldn’t say no.

Christina Selter, a powerhouse of a woman who’s in the battle for life with breast cancer, asked me to drive in an abbreviated Drive HerHighway breast cancer awareness trip to Las Vegas and back – in a single day. We had intended to make this a cross-country jaunt but Christina’s oncologist said no way, so I had to say yes.

We met at KIA Motors headquarters in Irvine well before the sun came up and placed pink car-lashes on the two KIA Optima hybrids, single Sportage and trio of Soul crossovers and paired up for the ride up the I-15. There were 12 of us; six social media mavens, four women chauffeurs and a couple of guys (one of whom became our outing photographer – thanks Scott Killeen).

First stop was Starbucks for sustenance and then we battled the crowds going to work (got a late start – believe it!). By the time we cleared Ontario Mills without going in, the roads were clear and we were in Barstow before we knew it. MaryAnne was riding with me and made sure to tweet the rest of the group that Christina had the off-ramp spelled incorrectly.. we were going to Lenwood Road for a rest stop and passenger swap and also sent out the CHP alert so we didn’t get tickets.

Why we had to stop next to a closed outlet mall I’ll never know, but with Amy in the passenger’s seat, off we went again. Shortly after the second leg began in the KIA Optima hybrid, I discovered that Amy, holding Leah on her lap actually has an allergy to dogs. Oops. Leah minded her Ps and Qs as she always does – me, not so well – and we made it to Pole Position karting without a sneeze, wheeze or rash!

Either MaryAnne or Amy shot this pic of Leah on her lap

The girls went karting and were awesome to watch and photograph. Everyone had a ball except maybe Leah, because her negligent partner had neglected to bring along the mutt muffs she wears when it’s loud outside.

everyone had fun at the Pole Position indoor kart track
they have some wonderful memorabilia, including a 2005 Indy car as driven by Ryan Briscoe
Anne Proffit photo

Then we went to Exotics Racing next to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was wicked hot out on the asphalt and, along with the route changes we’d had to put up with, Exotics had muffled our plans so that only the social media gals were able to take rides this particular day. While I would have loved to sample the power in the Lamborghini Gallardo for myself, it wasn’t to be.

Seeing the wide eyes as each of the six social media experts exited the car was priceless. Exotics did buy us lunch, we refilled the cars and, instead of being able to test drive a backhoe, we started for home. It was nearly 4PM and none of us wanted to be out too late (well, can’t speak for the others, but I prefer driving during the day).

This time I got James Hamel as my co-pilot. Nothing like having “god as my co-pilot” because we were rude, crude, irrational and absolutely laughing, talking, not listening to our favorite music the entire way back! We stopped to refill the green Soul whose color matches my toenail polish; I refuse to return a borrowed car on fumes and we might have done just that had we not. Dearest Leah had her big opportunity at the truck stop and took advantage.

All throughout this ride – with pink car-lashes to guide me – my thoughts were of Christina’s struggles with her health, Amy’s difficulties with Leah on her lap, the plight of women and men everywhere that have to battle breast cancer and how much fun I was having with James! Not in that order of course.

It was a long, long day – we didn’t get home until after 9 and missed all the Dancing with the Stars drama – at least Helio Castroneves made it through to round 2 – and The Voice drama (DVR is my friend). When I opened up my bag, there were so many gifts inside I didn’t know what to make of it. So let’s just say this: thanks to @Her Highway, @Kia, @covercraft1965 for the windshield bling, @exoticsracing, @PolePosition@carlashes, @bigTrain for their delish protein drinks and to all the new friends I’ve made.

will you look at all these goodies???
Anne Proffit photo

Hope we can do it again and also hope anyone reading this will consider a contribution to Christina’s charities through this link:

Thanks for reading and stay healthy.

By Anne Proffit

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  1. Great post Anne! I had such a blast with all you amazing ladies! Leah was a great co-pilot! Looking forward to more adventures! Go Team HerHighway!! XOXO

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