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Long Beach’s corruption continues unabated

November 8, 2020

It’s humiliating to think the citizens of Council District 2 still aren’t ready for proper representation and prefer a 9-0 “clowncil” that bows to the whims of Dr. Robert Garcia, our upwardly mobil “mayor.” From the time of, at least, Dan Baker on through to Suja Lowenthal and Jeannine Pearce, it’s plain to see how CD2 became a wasteland of other peoples’ priorities. 

In selecting Cindy Allen, you have decided you prefer: road diets, rampant density, a Garcia supplicant who will back him on every single issue, far less accessible parking, more bike lanes on major thoroughfares, more mentally disabled homeless destroying our district and, even more important, someone who will allow both fire and police (who back her with massive union dollars) to increase their pay without any consideration towards the welfare of the community. Like her, they’re all in to win, not to serve our needs.

Cindy Allen, a longtime Orange County resident who was a republican up to about two years ago, who lied about selling her business – twice – whose stated rationale for running is that she’s a “social butterfly” (her words, not mine), based her campaign on lies about her opponent, Robert Fox. Fox, a 36-year resident, homeowner and small businessman in CD2, has been extremely active in his community. Is that such a horrible idea for a council representative? She called the life-long democrat a republican, said he was a poor landlord and did everything possible to debase him. Sounds “trumpian” to me.

So that’s what you get for the next four years. A clowncil member who can’t vote on certain issues because she has skin in the game – kinda like Pearce – and who won’t even discuss massive legal problems about her former business, preferring to leave a pre-election forum rather than explain her stance on those issues, who won’t even discuss her time as a police officer in this city in the 1990s. Dr Garcia had his clowncil conveniently destroy all police records from that era prior to the election.

So I’m disgusted with my neighbors. You didn’t do your homework and your choice will bring our community even more dismal problems than those we currently face. As to you, Cindy Allen: 

By Anne Proffit

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  1. “Sounds “trumpian” to me.”, this will be my new catch phrase…BUT i’ll always attribute it to you.

  2. Thanks – no need for attributes! 😘

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