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I’m ashamed

June 11, 2022

I am ashamed.

Ashamed of the city of Long Beach, California and the less than 20 percent of eligible voters who either turned in their ballots on time or went to the polls last Tuesday, June 7th. 

Ashamed that the majority of that less than 20 percent have decided they’d like to have either a prosecutor or professional lobbyist as mayor of this city, which houses about 400,000 souls in buildings either rented or owned, along with about 5,000 unhoused, most of whom are either mentally challenged or drug-addled. Both of these candidates have been on the city’s “clowncil”, a group of nine bobbing heads who vote however they’re told to by service unions, developers and those with financial interests that can afford to buy politicians. Believe me, both of them are bought and paid-for.

Ashamed that the majority of that less than 20 percent would prefer a city attorney who follows the practices of her predecessor by farming out most high-profile cases against the city instead of using qualified attorneys housed at city hall. A city attorney who has minimal experience in this city but has been endorsed by the service unions, developers and hoi polloi who would seek to rule this town. Her competitor, an attorney for well over 30 years, wanted to decrease the city attorney’s pay, which is the highest in California.

Ashamed that the majority of that less than 20 percent prefer an auditor of this city who is under investigation for dubious payments of well more than $1 million to political consultants – without invoices or work orders, who has performed fewer and fewer audits in her most recent years in office (16 and counting) and who is politically backed but ethically unsound. The gentleman running against her wanted to perform more audits, look into the city’s lack of ethics and be the kind of transparent auditor any city would be proud to have. He was willing to come out of retirement to do this.

Ashamed that my own clowncil district has a seat-warmer who has followed the dictates of the current mayor to the letter and has no mind of her own. She was re-elected by the less than 20 percent majority.

Ashamed that the city of Long Beach and surrounding environs will, no doubt, be sending to congress a liar and thief whose sole claim to fame is that he kisses up to those in higher office. He has decided to build a pool, next to the ocean, on the sand that, with climate changes will likely be underwater soon after its dedication (likely it’ll be named after him). This same quasi-politician shows up for baby-kissing and pronouncements, like his predecessor, but has none of the ethics we need in a representative. He’s in this game to win. And nothing more.

June 8th was a very depressing day for me. To see the apathy in my fellow citizens and their lack of knowledge in either casting votes or sloughing off the duty every citizen should feel obligated to perform. I have voted in every election for which I’ve been eligible. I consider it my duty to do so. And I read up on candidates and their platforms, their past work and what they intend to do. In most cases, the “winners” of these offices said nothing about what they’d do; they just wanted to throw verbal boulders at their opponents, whether true or not. Unfortunately, there are no consequences for doing things like that.

Our country changed with the passage of Citizens United and not for the better. We are poorer with big money politics and it’s costing us mightily – and will continue to cost us unless, until, we decide we can’t do this any longer. Citizens United is responsible for assholes like the former guy, Ron DeathSantis, Greg Abbott and Mo Brooks, Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, MTG and Lauren Boebert. It’s responsible for local assholes like Robert Garcia, Cindy Allen – both republicans who have campaigned as democrats – Robert Uranga, Laura Doud, Tom Modica, Dawn McIntosh and so many others.

I’m ashamed. If you’re not, you are no friend of mine.

Anne Proffit

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  1. My…My. I’m ashamed of this whole country. Great piece and i LOVE the title “clowncil”

    You GO girl!

  2. Thanks – I really am ashamed and, as you know, I’ve lived here since the first LBGP race so I know of what I speak…

    • Yup, i just got notified that my ballot has been counted. AND i really am ashamed of a lot of this country, did you watch the U know WHAT! i was crying so hard i had to leave the room so “HE” could hear.

  3. I cried as well – watched part of it on my walk with Deedee the Hearing Dog and the balance at home… wiping my eyes the whole time. I got notice mine was received but not that it was counted. Yet.

    • It is a wonderful program, the notices, i’m impressed with the “where’s my ballot program”

      xxx ooo & kiss deedee too, i still gotz a can of cat food with her name on it, if i could get her leave your side…i know – know she is a food Uknowwhat. dRU

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