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SFI Foundation issues counterfeit warning

February 5, 2015

The SFI Foundation, Inc., which monitors and approves devices to keep racers of all manner safe from harm, issued a warning on Wednesday, February 4 that should have all participants take notice.

Apparently there is a counterfeit head-and-neck restraint system being sold to racers that is not what it purports to be and could pose a significant danger to those that purchase and use the product. Since SFI Foundation has been working to secure safety since 1978, this notice merits close attention.

Counterfeit devices procured by Simpson Performance Products are purported to be Hutchens Hybrid Pro head-and-neck restraints with a 2013 SFI 38.1 label. They are not made of carbon fiber.  These counterfeit devices do not have cross-stitching on their tethers – and other differences that are noticeable commonly by someone with extensive knowledge of the device.

SFI advised participants thusly: “If you suspect that you have such a device and you are currently attending a racing event, immediately present the device to technical officials at the event.  Or, present the device to Simpson Performance personnel at the event.”

The foundation advises participants not at a racing venue to contact Simpson at any of the phone numbers listed on the company’s website: It is imperative that customers do so as quickly as possible as “usage of any device that is counterfeit and does not have appropriate SFI labeling could result in serious injury or death. Counterfeit products have not been tested by SFI and there is no way to know whether such products meet SFI standards.”

The bulletin was published by the United States Auto Club (USAC), which has thousands of competitors countrywide. SFI sanctioning body members are worldwide and encompass both land- and sea-borne competitors.

By Anne Proffit

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