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Nissan 1Dx Freeflow and 1Dx Nismo coupes – bring it on!

February 2, 2014


Nissan is one auto maker that isn’t going the same direction as its peers, not into the same ol’ way of showing its newest ideas. Where most car manufacturers show their wares – including concept cars – at auto shows across the world, this year Nissan is limiting its rollout of the Nissan 1Dx concept to two shows: last fall’s Tokyo Auto Show and this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month.


In fact, Los Angeles had more than a few opportunities to see this prospective production vehicle over Super Bowl weekend, as the Nissans were easily a big draw without football in the LA area anymore. The manufacturer held a media opportunity on a chilly Friday night in the Venice area, which drew many members of the general public to have a good look (and pick up a free t-shirt). The cars also went to Cars n Coffee’s Irvine meeting and the Petersen Automotive Museum on Saturday, as well as SuperCar Sunday in Woodland Hills Sunday morning.


Nissan fans seemed to know the two cars were coming – there was a 1Dx Freeflow gold and denim coupe and a tricked out 1Dx Nismo coupe available for viewing – and showed up with pictures of their own historic Datsun and Nissan vehicles. Shoppers on trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard slowed in their vehicles and stopped by as they made their way to destinations on the busy street. Nissan encouraged everyone to use the hashtag #1DxinSoCal and there were plenty of tweets to that effect.


The 1Dx is the modern successor to Nissan’s beloved Datsun 510, which was the cornerstone of the company’s success in the American hot sedan marketplace (the Z car was its halo, much as the GT-R is today). In Nismo trim the car looks remarkably like something that emerged from the pen of Peter Brock, who stopped by on Friday evening to see the machine. Brock, of course, was responsible for the BRE Datsun 510s that rampaged competition in the late 1960s and early 1970s (and still do today in vintage contests).


What will happen to these two concept vehicles? Obviously they’ll get crushed someday unless Nissan keeps them as mementoes. Hopefully they’ll end up being future offerings from a Japanese manufacturer that seems to go its own way in terms of styling and propulsion. If it does show up, expect the 1Dx to be modern in its running gear and advanced in its design – as it shows here.
Hey Nissan, bring it on!

Words and Photos By Anne Proffit

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