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Irwindale is back in business!

December 23, 2012


(all photos, logos courtesy Irwindale Event Center)

It’s back.

Irwindale Speedway, which was shuttered in the fall of 2011 when its operators went into a deserved Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, is coming back to Southern California as Irwindale Event Center. This is good news in car crazy So Cal, the area where hot-rodding came of age, where drag racing as a sport was born and where Irwindale once drew sellout crowds for its stock car and open wheel racing.

Mismanagement put the half- and third-mile oval tracks (one within the other) on hiatus, but the operator of the track’s LA Racing Experience Stock Car School formed 211 Entertainment to bring the track back to life. Jim Cohan and his small but dedicated staff have been working very closely with site owners Nu-Way Industries to restore the track to its glory.

Of course Irwindale’s been used during the past year for commercials and for the track school – as well as other events like Formula Drift’s hugely popular season finale. The dragstrip roared back to life about midway through the calendar year and stock car racing is scheduled for next season. More events are likely to come up as planning by the small and dedicated staff goes along.

The new 211 Entertainment group got its full operational lease for the entire facility in mid-December, according to Doug Stokes, who returns to the track to head its PR functions – as he did when the circuit opened. “I’ve worked with Jim Cohan and his staff as a sort of ‘volunteer’ since February,” Stokes said. He called out Bob Klein, the on-site leader at Irwindale Event Center stating, “I’ve worked with Bob for a number of years and I’m very excited about being able to work a lot more closely with him.”
With this staff of dedicated personnel so excited about the prospects of racing returning to this fine speedway, expect to see the kind of service and fairness that was evident at Irwindale Event Center when it initially opened. It’s time to banish the poor management of the past and bring this fabulous half- and third-mile oval, and its wonderful dragstrip, back to the So Cal prominence it deserves.

By Anne Proffit

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  1. So when do we go? me

  2. as soon as there’s cars on the track – which should be March, I’d think…
    thanks for your sweet comments and Merry Christmas

    • To You Too My Dear! Merry and Happy back and perhaps we can make a “date” for Easter? HeH? ps, do you think you can walk/talk me thru uploading pictures to this site? I used to be able to and now for some reason I can’t. me again.

  3. Oh ps ps that is one “ell of a GREAT picture! Makes me laugh and I like to laugh.

  4. I thought their promo pic was pretty funny too… when you post text, there should be an icon in the upper righthand corner to upload pics – that’s how I do it now, but I prefer the way we used to do it because I could put photo credits right under the pic but can’t anymore…

  5. I’ll see if that works for me and THANX but well, as usual, Life Sucks though the alternative is suckier. Have a Good Whatever and think of me. I’ll think of you over the next martini, nothing like a little christmas cheer… BooYRah (sp?) dru

  6. so when are you going to come visit me? I’ve been in this condo for 2.5 years now! love you – a

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