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Why I’m voting “no” on everything

October 15, 2012

I’m voting “no” on everything!

Since moving to what used to be the “Golden State” in 1975, I have watched our city, state and federal governments impose taxes. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. Most of this comes from ill-written state propositions that fool the public into voting for them.

A prime example are propositions that intend to benefit schools. Every one of them proposed since my arrival has been without merit because each has placed an undue burden on the public. Why, you ask? These propositions and the bills they impose are unable to physically help schools because the administrative duties necessary to implement them gobble all the money.

Is it any wonder that California lies 47th in instructional capability?

And please remember, any “temporary” taxes eventually become permanent. This is among the highest taxed states in the country. A piece of evidence to that effect is our ever-rising fuel prices, all because we’ve voted for taxes that purport to clean our air but only clean our wallets.

Other propositions purporting to do good this year include one promoted by insurance companies that would base prices on drivers’ coverage history. I didn’t have a car for a number of years because I was reporting on vehicles. Would that cause my rates to skyrocket? I think I’ll vote no.

How about one to label genetically engineered foods? Some items are dismissed from this regulation but others are not. It’s so poorly written that this proposition should never have made the ballot. As for labeling foods, well, stop eating processed foods – it’s as easy as that. Buy from your local farmers market. There’s one every day in Long Beach.

The “tax treatment for multi-state businesses, clean energy and energy efficiency funding initiative” is ridiculous. Why? It has too much volume in the proposition itself. Sure it would be nice to recoup the businesses that have left CA; by taxing them LESS, maybe they wouldn’t go? Oops, too much common sense.

So yeah, I’m voting no on everything – even for removing the death penalty, for penalties against human trafficking, a change to our “three-strikes” law and redistricting our state senate. The money saved by voting no on this crap will help tell our government we don’t like the way they use our money now.

By Anne Proffit

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