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New life for a pre-production Lexus CT200h

October 7, 2012

The Lexus CT200h is in the foyer of the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach, CA
Anne Proffit photo

I have often wondered what happens to pre-production vehicles that manufacturers use for engineering research and development, and often for testing by media members prior to production of new cars. By making pre-prods, as we know them, vehicle manufacturers can work in running changes prior to introducing a machine to the public.

I’ve driven quite a few of these handmade vehicles, always with the realization that the vehicle I’m driving might not be totally representative of what shows up at a dealership in a few months. On some occasions, I’ve driven pre-prods well after a vehicle is in showrooms and available to the public – it’s what’s available for review.

Most pre-prods end up getting crushed, and that’s such a shame, but these cars, trucks and SUV/crossovers can’t be driven by the public once their designated careers are done. What else can you do with a vehicle of that type?

Lexus had just the right idea for one of their CT200h hybrid hatchbacks. Make it into a piece of art!

View from the passenger’s side: Anne Proffit photo

Lexus’ “Art Galleries & Back Alleys” program enticed aerosol artist Vyal Reyes and bling artist Patssi Valdez to create an enticing rolling sculpture that’s currently on display at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach, CA.

The bling grille is only the beginning!
Anne Proffit photo

While Reyes was responsible for the exterior only, Valdez performed her magic both inside and outside the Lexus CT200h. It took the aerosol artist less than two days to complete his canvas while Valdez needed about a week to do her work.

The results, as shown here are enticing to the eye. The more you look at the Lexus, the more you’ll see.

View from the driver’s side of the interior
Anne Proffit photo

If you can’t make it MOLAA in person, there’s video that shows just how this magnificent piece of rolling art came to life, sing aerosol, brush and lots of glue! Visit to see it.

By Anne Proffit

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