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I want an iPhone5 – but I can’t get one…

September 27, 2012

I want an iPhone5 – but I can’t have one. I used to have coverage through AT&T but left them in 2002 when they arrogantly declined to give me an available date for GSM coverage. I went with T-Mobile and have been truly pleased with their coverage ever since.

At the time of my conversion to T-Mobile, I was using a typical Toshiba computer for all my writing and photography work. In January of 2003 I saw the light and went to a Mac 12-inch PowerBook. I haven’t looked back.

In fact, the only non-Mac item in my humble abode’s symphony of technological objects is my cell phone. Apple won’t grant T-Mobile a license to steal money from its subscribers and I don’t have an iPhone because of that.

I don’t ever want to go back to AT&T, don’t care for either Verizon or Sprint and that leaves me exactly where I am. The only way I can satisfy this urge is to pay megabucks and get an unlocked phone, then jump through hoops in order to get it to work. Not gonna happen.

Why won’t Apple work with T-Mobile? Did they really want AT&T to purchase it so they could make more money? I’m not liking this one bit…

Ah, that feels better…

By Anne Proffit

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