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Today’s ponderings on the Grand Prix in Bahrain

April 23, 2012

My dog has a blog; about time I started one?

This is a typical Monday for me, picking up the pieces of a racing weekend, plotting new stories and checking out Twitter to see what everyone else thinks.

I’m worried about Bernie Eccleston’e insistence that the Bahrain Grand Prix go forward – there’s too much political turmoil in that area of the world, the broadcast never showed anyone in the grandstands – and those on-site did say attendance wasn’t great – and despite another fascinating race, I was just waiting for another shoe to drop and someone to disappear in the floating sands.

Joe Saward’s discussion (along with my friend David Tremayne) with some Bahraini gentlemen is a fabulous read: It just goes to show that some wordsmiths use a political bowling ball for their own amusement and forget that these are human lives we’re talking about. We’ve got to remember to keep humanity in the equation.

But still, going to countries on the verge of eruption – whether real or imagined – is not advisable when you’re dealing with the sort of people that work in F1. To lose even a single crew member to any sort of violence is unimaginable, and learning that Sahara Force India F1 Team decided to forgo the second practice on Friday because they feared for their safety was stunning to me. Seeing the resulting lack of video footage of a team on the way up the food chain disgusts me – it’s all so typical of Ecclestone and his manner of using people to his own benefit.

I have come to the conclusion here that the only thing Bernie Ecclestone wants is more money – and at his advanced age – is it 81 or 82? – what on earth does he need with ore money? Ah, never mind. We’ll never know what he wants, but some day he will be gone and then, and then what will Formula One do for a leader?

I’m just hoping there is someone out there with the necessary strength to lead F1 once Bernie goes to that great gold-filled casket he’s got stashed away somewhere. Thus far I don’t see anyone.

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